conservatory of physical theatre

Innovo's Conservatory of Physical Theatre has attracted students all over the world to participate in a powerful and challenging one, two, three and four year full-time program. Together with Living Word Bible College, the Conservatory of Physical Theatre offers one of the most extensive ministerial arts degree programs in the world, offering Associates, Bachelors, Bachelors with Honors, and Masters of Ministry Arts Degrees.

Drawing from the legacy of Marceau, Decroux, and Meyerhold, and building on the heritage received from Todd & Marilyn Farley, the Conservatory of Physical Theatre explores the essence of theater through dynamic embodiment. Young artists train to become rhythmical, stylized, and poetic by working closely with some of the most skilled innovative artists in ministry and physical theatre. Classes focus on body control, stylized attitudes, collective creativity, improvisation, mime, drama, dance, masks, stage fighting, ground acrobatics and more. Thought provoking classes on arts theology, arts philosophies and Biblical foundations provide inspiring and life-changing dialogue.

The Conservatory of Physical Theatre is fully interactive, with year round performances, opportunities in choreography and teaching, and troupe tours that span the globe. Classes are small enough to receive one on one input from the teachers, while advanced students have mentoring and internship opportunities. Advanced seminars prepare students to audition, preach, produce performances and focus their artistic ambitions. Our graduates have become highly respected theatrical performers and ministers, inspiring many through the physical expression of beauty and truth.

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