innovo artists

Theo Williams theo williams (D.MA, B.DIAC) is international director of Innovo Physical Theatre and Pastor of Wooded Hills Church in Colgate, WI. Traveling internationally as a recognized expert in the art of mime and arts theology, Theo is known for his excellence in performance, directing and choreography. Theo has been trained in the art of mime by revered professionals including Todd & Marilyn Farley and the world famous Marcel Marceau. Theo has also received training in Corporeal Mime, Ballet, Jazz, Fencing, Acrobatics, Japanese Swordplay, Drama and Physical Theatre. Theo grew up in South Africa where he received a Shodan (black belt) in the art of Karate and graduated from the University of South Africa (UNISA) in Social Work, with a minor in Psychology. He is currently completing his Doctorate at the Robert E. Webber Institute of Worship Studies

Jolie Williams jolie williams (D.MA, M.WS) is known for her excellence in choreography, storytelling, and strong performance. At a young age Jolie began pursuing dance in worship and choreographed numbers for her church. Having completed her Masters, Jolie is now studying for her Doctorate at the Robert E. Webber Institute of Worship Studies in Florida. She brings an informed view on the arts in worship as an educator, speaker and improvisational movement artist. Mentored by Marilyn Farley, Jolie has been trained by revered mime artists including Todd & Marilyn Farley and the legendary Marcel Marceau. Experienced with missions, (DTS, Youth With a Mission) she has assisted teams in Mexico, Guatemala and the Philippines. As mother of two and director of Innovo Physical Theatre, she and her husband Theo tour as masters of mime and ordained ministers across the globe.